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An end-to-end, user-centric solution for your Supply Chain

At Winddle, we combine technical and human resources to help you
structure and digitize your supply chain effectively.

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Winddle embodies a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to supply chain management, fostering seamless collaboration and integration. With a focus on granularity, it precisely navigates SKU, PO, and Shipment logistics, addressing the challenges of the industry with unparalleled efficiency.

A modular approach to effectively address your specific issues

Purchase Order

Streamline your procurement process with our Purchase Order module. Manage and track your orders efficiently, ensuring accuracy and timely deliveries through seamless collaboration with suppliers.


Ensure all your products meet regulatory and quality standards. Our Compliance module helps you monitor and manage certifications, audits, and compliance documentation effortlessly.


Gain full visibility into your supply chain with our Traceability module. Track and trace products from origin to destination, ensuring transparency and accountability at every step.


Simplify your financial transactions with our Invoicing module. Automate invoice creation, approval, and payment processes, reducing errors and improving payment cycle efficiency.

Booking Transport

Optimize your logistics with our Booking Transport module. Simplify the booking process, coordinate with carriers, and ensure timely shipments through seamless collaboration.

Transport Management & visibility

Enhance control over your shipments with our Transport Management & Visibility module. Track your goods in real-time, ensuring transparency and proactive issue resolution.

Predictive costs & freight audit

Gain financial insight with our Predictive Cost & Freight Audit module. Accurately forecast shipping costs and audit freight invoices to ensure cost efficiency and compliance.

Carbon footprint

Reduce your environmental impact with our Carbon Footprint module. Monitor and analyze your transport emissions, helping you to make eco-friendly logistics decisions.

Order tracking

Automate your supplier reminders

All details of your B2B purchase or customer orders are directly accessible to your suppliers on Winddle for an efficient and collaborative acknowledgment of receipt process. Thanks to our automated reminders, you are notified of any changes to dates or quantities.


Get real-time alerts

With Winddle, you simply define your production and delivery tracking schedules and the key milestones that structure your processes. Thanks to the forecast and real-time calculation of key dates and automated alerts, you can identify potential delays and hazards as early as possible.


Structure the packing information

Winddle allows you to create packing lists directly from your suppliers. You can also issue parcel labels, and send Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs), making it easy to track shipments and organize delivery receptions. No more waiting to open your parcels to find out what's inside!


Centralise key information and documents

Winddle offers you a complete and structured view of all the information and documents related to the fulfilment of your orders with structured data at the order, product, and delivery levels. The objective? Provide you with instant visibility on key elements to simplify your follow-up process and optimize your arbitrations.

Organization & Transport Tracking

Booking transport

Simplify your transport logistics and the coordination between your suppliers and carriers by using structured and collaborative booking requests. You can make exchanges more reliable with automated business rules (tolerance in relation to the ETD, POL/POD consistency, etc.), and enjoy real-time visibility on the progress and composition of your bookings.


Organisation & Real-Time Tracking

Directly connected to Winddle, your carriers can easily share their transport plans and goods receipt tracking for all your product flows and all means of transport. You can manage your load factors and simplify the monitoring of your shipments with actual and forecasted dates directly updated on Winddle and automatically synchronised with the planning of the related goods orders. Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises: at the slightest discrepancy, Winddle sends you an alert!


Easy access to the full documentation

For each of your shipments, you can easily find the full documentation, with all supplier documents, BL, invoices, and other documents arranged in a precise order. All your transport, customs, and logistics service providers have easy access to key information and documents without you having to re-enter them.


Warehouse appointment scheduling

Winddle's strives to coordinate the various parties involved so that everyone can organise themselves easily and anticipate the activity load, including delivery appointments. Our platform offers a collaborative appointment scheduling process, directly linked to the details of the goods delivered. It also provides a simplified calendar view to review all the appointments easily.

Invoices & Costing

Follow-up of supplier invoices

Offer your suppliers a simple, structured way to submit their invoices to you. Thanks to Winddle's automated checks, you can ensure that you only receive consistent invoices, which makes it easier for you to reconcile with order details. Besides, our collaborative tracking statuses help you interact more effectively with your accounting team.


Reconciliation of transport invoices

Easily set up your transport rate schedules via Winddle to automate the calculation of estimated costs and secure the processing of your transport invoices. With Winddle, you can easily analyse and validate each of the cost lines on your suppliers' invoices, instantly identify deviations from estimates, and optimise your transport costs. The allocation to your shipments and BL is automated, as well as the calculation of the transport cost per piece.


Automated calculation of your unit cost

With the high volatility of transport costs and frequent changes in routing scenarios, calculating unit approach costs has become more complex than ever. Besides, your margins are potentially difficult to control. The solution? Winddle offers you a real-time unit cost calculation based on a precise transport and customs cost forecast. Don't lose control, and prioritize your flows based on factual profitability information.

Environmental impact

Traceability & Recyclability

Easily motivate your suppliers to fill in the information related to the Traceability and Recyclability of your products. Thanks to the dynamic reminders on their Dashboard, and the automated email reminders from Winddle, they can manage their priority tasks themselves and share the information you need directly with you in a structured manner. It also helps them meet the requirements of the French AGEC law.


Supplier audit & certification

With Winddle, you simply qualify your supplier base and engage suppliers directly in the process. Define the evaluation criteria, required documents, and relevant attributes for each type of customized supplier, and take advantage of the solution's system of filters, alerts, and statistics to drive it. The result? You now have a qualified and accurate mapping of your suppliers, and all your audit and certification documents have been successfully centralized.


Calculating the carbon impact of your flows

From the place of manufacture to the place of final delivery, Winddle calculates the precise carbon impact of your product flows according to the methodology certified by Ecotransit. The advantage? The calculation is aligned with the reality of your operations, allowing you to easily analyse the impact of the various flows, at the transport, purchase order, and product levels.


Your Environmental Impact easily communicated to your customers

Collect, analyze, evaluate, and share! Winddle offers many simple ways (public URL generation, web API, QR code...) to share information related to your products’ environmental impacts with your customers.

Performance management

Take control of your data

Managing your daily monitoring operations with Winddle means having access to natively structured information to analyze the performance of your supply chain and identify the performance improvement levers precisely. You have the information you need to make the right decisions daily, and you can independently build the statistical reports you need to gain insight. No more blind transport plans or sourcing strategies, you now have reliable and objective data to define your supply chain strategy.


OTD, OTIF, Costs, Carbon Impact & more

Winddle offers native and fully integrated functionality in each of its functional modules. More than sixty business metrics and 100% customizable metrics are available to create the statistical reports you need. This powerful system allows you to analyze your suppliers’ service levels, your transport split, or the carbon impact from transport to the product.


A connected system

Our platform provides you with instant data to drive your day-to-day decisions. It also helps you consolidate structured data in Winddle with other tools to maximize the solution’s value. Easily export and connect your supply chain data to your BI or other external tools for a comprehensive approach to your value chain, integrated with inventory and sales.

Unique Value Proposition
User-Friendly & Flexible

Winddle's interface make it effortlessly adaptable to the unique needs of any supply chain.

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User-Friendly & Flexible

Winddle's interface make it effortlessly adaptable to the unique needs of any supply chain.