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Product Traceability & Environmental Impact Module

Simplify the gathering of traceability and environmental impact information from your suppliers, and make it easily accessible to consumers

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Designed to simply and effectively support brands
in their quality & CSR strategy

Winddle's Environmental Impact module streamlines the process of organizing data required by AGEC regulations (Traceability & Recyclability) by engaging suppliers and teams in inputting information, and efficiently sharing it to meet customer expectations.

“The simplicity and efficiency of the approach proposed by Winddle on product traceability and recyclability information is perfectly suited to our needs: quick compliance and evolving usage, to meet our future needs and regulations.”
Alain Dosière
Director of Operations

Key features of Winddle’s
Product Environmental Impact Module

Organize your Product Data

Easily import your product data from an excel file or using Winddle's API. Beyond import, Winddle allows you to update/enrich your product database in bulk and customize your product information format with just a few clicks. The Environmental Impact section is now ready to be filled!

Single or bulk product data creation/import

Configurable product attributes

Creation of categories/subcategories (without limits)

Structuring of color, material or other variations

Automated generation of references

Product icon and attached documents (any format)

Optimize data collection

Directly engage your suppliers in your CSR & environmental impact efforts by inviting them to provide product traceability information. With automated follow-up features, real-time dashboard, and filters, you can easily track the progress of your campaigns and ensure a streamlined and efficient collection process.

Collaborative product file management with supplier

Environmental impact information management at product and/or variant level

Dynamic fill status

Supplier dashboard and weekly follow-up email

Custom filters on fill rate, status, categories, etc.

Easily share product information

Communicating a product’s environmental impact information to end customers is made simple with Winddle's generation of public URLs for each of your product/variant pages, allowing for instant integration on your website and the generation of QR codes for your labels.

Public URL generation

QR code generation

Sharing format customization


Importer très simplement vos données produits depuis un simple fichier excel ou en utilisant l’API Winddle. Au delà de l’import, Winddle vous permet de mettre à jour / enrichir en masse votre base de produits, et de définir un format de fiche produit propre à vos besoins en quelques clics. La section ‘Impact environnemental n’a plus qu’à être remplie !

Création unitaire ou import en masse de vos données produits

Attribut produits configurables

Création des catégories / sous-catégories (sans limite de niveaux)

Structuration des déclinaisons de couleur, Matières ou autre variante

Génération automatisée de références

Icone produit et Documents joints (tout format)

Une expérience utilisateur personnalisable

Engager directement vos fournisseurs dans votre démarche RSE & Impact environnemental en les invitant à renseigner les informations de Traçabilité Produit. Avec les fonctionnalités de relances automatisées, dashboard temp-réel et filtres, vous suivez simplement l’avancée de vos campagnes et assurez une collecte simple et efficace.

Gestion collaborative de la fiche produit avec le fournisseur

Gestion des informations d’impact environnemental à la maille produit et/ou variante

Statut dynamique de remplissage

Dashboard fournisseur et mail automatique de relance hebdomadaire

Filtres personnalisés sur remplissage, status, catégories…

Diffuser simplement

Pour assurer une diffusion simple des informations d’Impact environnemental produit auprès des clients finaux, Winddle propose la génération d’url publique pour chacune de vos pages Produits / variantes pour une intégration instantanée sur votre site web, et la génération de QR code pour vos étiquettes.

Génération url publique

Génération QR Code

Personnalisation du format de partage

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Expertise that makes the difference

Designed for fashion needs, Winddle has been supporting supply chain professionals in tracking supplier and transportation flows, invoicing, and supply performance for several years with an end-to-end collaborative approach, real-time visibility, data structuring, and exception-based management that has proven successful.

With regulations and calculation methodologies still new and constantly evolving, the subject of structuring Environmental Product Impact data and collaborating with suppliers on the subject is new for brands. As has been the case since its creation, Winddle's goal is to use its technical expertise to provide business practices adapted to current and future needs.

The Environmental Impact module as currently offered is part of the continuous improvement approach that drives Winddle’s development from the start.


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