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Don't Call Me Jennyfer

Customer success story

Jennyfer optimizes the organization and tracking of its imports

"In concrete terms, the significant gain in productivity has enabled Jennyfer to manage 3 times more flows with the same team."
Sylvain Cheret
Supply Chain Director at Don't Call Me Jennyfer

The young, cool and trendy French brand

Jennyfer, the preferred brand of 15-25 year-olds, recently changed its brand image. The "young fashion" tagline confirms the brand's definitively free, creative and daring positioning, going beyond labels and received ideas. This model is supported by an omnichannel strategy, with a website and over 400 boutiques in France and abroad, and a frequent renewal of the range, with over 5,000 new items launched every year.

Towards agile, efficient information flow management

In 2016, Jennyfer took over direct management of its warehouse, which until then had been managed by an external service provider. This business reorganization, combined with a sourcing strategy aimed at rapidly evolving sourcing zones and supply channels, forced the brand to review its management strategy. Supply Chain teams had to reorganize and improve productivity to meet the challenge of a significant increase in their scope of responsibility for the same number of employees.

Management of transport and customs flows was carried out by the Import team in a very manual way, based on exchanges of files extracted from the ERP with the carriers and emails to manage the organization of the transport plan and monitoring of its execution up to the warehouse.

With the evolution of the Supply Chain organization and the key challenge of ensuring the availability of products for sale, it was crucial to simplify the process, and ensure that the Import and Logistics teams had perfect control over supplier deliveries.

Gain efficiency through improved visibility of supply flows

Jennyfer chose Winddle for its ease of implementation, flexibility of use and ability to support the brand in the progressive structuring of its Supply Chain.

Eliminate double entry of data

The Import team's #1 objective was to eliminate time-consuming processes with little added value. Connected to the ERP for retrieval of all supplier order information, and open directly to carriers, the Winddle collaborative supply tracking platform enabled Jennyfer's Import team to reduce manual data entry from transport booking to warehouse receipt by 95%.

A single solution for exchanges with all forwarders

As Jennyfer uses different forwarding agents each year, depending on the country of origin of the products and the means of transport (between 5 and 7 on average), it was essential for the brand to have a solution that would centralize collaboration with all service providers on a single interface. Winddle harmonizes Jennyfer's transport management with a single solution for all types of order, incoterms, transport... Each has its own specific partners and process particularities in terms of dates, stages and key documents.

To ensure its partners' responsiveness, Jennyfer preferred to onboard its forwarder/carrier users with manual access first (each with their own account, dashboard, alerts and access to orders assigned to them), and then to set up EDI links with those partners who could.

In addition, in a highly competitive supply context and varying zones, transport service providers have to change from one year to the next. With Winddle, Jennyfer ensures continuity in monitoring and rapid integration of new carriers.

Real-time visibility for all parties involved

Winddle enables Jennyfer to manage the execution of its orders, from quality monitoring to warehouse delivery. The solution enables all the teams involved - procurement, import, customs and logistics - to access information communicated in real time at every stage of the chain.

"The visibility shared by all teams, the updating of dates, the sharing of documents and the automatic alert system have enabled us to anticipate problems more effectively and manage them more efficiently," explains Adama Sako, Import Manager.

A simple example is quality. In Winddle, forwarders have a clear view of the quality process for each order, and the status of inspections. This avoids the operational misunderstandings and wasted time that used to be common when freight forwarders were collecting goods.

Set-up in 3 months

From kick-off to training of all users, the implementation of Winddle for Jennyfer took a total of 3 months. Based on weekly meetings with the project manager, key users and the IT referent, the solution was configured according to the brand's specific tracking processes, tested on a dedicated environment and connected to the ERP (Storeland) with bidirectional flows.

The project was implemented particularly quickly, with users adopting it in just 15 days.

containers, flights and chartered trucks per year
faster access to order status
increased productivity for the Import team
"In concrete terms, the significant gain in productivity has enabled Jennyfer to manage 3 times more flows with the same team."
Don't Call Me Jennyfer EN
Sylvain Cheret
Supply Chain Director at Don't Call Me Jennyfer
"Winddle's highly ergonomic interface and ease of configuration enabled us to set up new habits for our teams and partners very quickly. The Winddle team listens to users and demonstrates a keen understanding of our business needs and great responsiveness."
- Sylvain Cheret, Supply Chain Director, Jennyfer

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