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Customer success story

Reliability and efficiency: how does Winddle help CMP optimize the monitoring of its product flows?

"With Winddle, we have gained in immediacy above all else. Previously, there were four daily updates on the data, but now they are broadcasted in real-time to all stakeholders in the chain!"
Nicolas Medawar
Director of the CMP office in China

The expert in importing home equipment products

As a designer, supplier, and importer of products for home and personal equipment since 1957, CMP is among the top 3 companies in the French market. With over 7,000 product references and a presence in 75 countries, the company sells over 100 million products each year.

To support its growth and quality ambitions, CMP has strategically chosen to internally control 100% of its multi-specialist value chain, from product creation to merchandising, including sourcing, design, production, quality, and delivery. These end-to-end processes are managed by operational and sales teams in France, Europe, and Asia.

Connect all stakeholders for collaborative, real-time, and end-to-end tracking of product flows

To support its goals of product and service quality and growth, CMP aimed to digitize and optimize the collaboration processes between the Purchasing & Supply teams in France, the offices in Asia, and other Supply partners.

The primary objective of implementing Winddle was to eliminate tedious administrative tasks related to supplier flow tracking.

The operational teams, including Sourcing, Quality, and Supply, relied on numerous manual extractions from the ERP system, manual re-entry of tracking information (dates, quantities, etc.), and extensive email communications. These time-consuming tasks and potential sources of errors significantly impacted the teams' productivity and their ability to effectively manage unforeseen circumstances.

Connected bi-directionally to the ERP system and used daily by teams in France and Asia, as well as by CMP's suppliers and carriers, Winddle significantly improves the management of product flows.

"With Winddle, all the tracking spreadsheets have disappeared. We have gained immediacy, with information available to all stakeholders and automatically updated in our ERP as soon as they are shared. The data and documents related to our product flow tracking are now structured, centralized, and much more reliable," emphasizes Nicolas Medawar, Director of the CMP office in China.

Winddle enables the management of all the steps and actions that are not structured in the ERP system (communication with suppliers, updates of dates and quantities, delivery schedules, sharing of supplier documents and import package, tracking of production stages, etc.), while ensuring that the ERP system is automatically synchronized in case of changes to the key data of purchase orders. The predictive and real-time collaboration approach allows CMP teams to instantly and proactively identify potential disruptions in the value chain.

"For example, I can instantly identify orders where handover to the carrier is scheduled in the coming days but the supplier has not yet shared their packing list or invoice. These operational alerts allow us to focus on priority issues and take the necessary actions and decisions to resolve them," illustrates a buyer from the Ningbo office.

More reliable data serving a more efficient supply chain and optimized customer satisfaction

Working on a daily basis on a common platform designed for Sourcing & Supply professionals has allowed CMP to improve not only visibility into all operations of the value chain but also significantly enhance the quality of available data.

"We are now much more reliable in leveraging our data, which has allowed us to improve our decision-making and increase our ability to anticipate. For example, the use of Winddle enables us to negotiate better with our freight forwarders and secure our transportation capacities," highlights Olivier Perche, Director of Operations at CMP.

In addition to the benefits on the operational efficiency of the teams, the Winddle platform also provides visibility on operations to all teams involved in the process. Specifically, where logistics and sales teams used to have information only a few days before receiving supplier deliveries, with Winddle, they now have an average of 3 months of additional visibility. This provides the ability to organize logistics and engage with customers in case of unprecedented forecast changes. The implementation of the platform has benefited all stakeholders in the value chain, including CMP's customers.

months of project, from kick-off to go-live
suppliers onboarded on the platform
of purchase orders tracked per equivalent team
"With Winddle, we have gained in immediacy above all else. Previously, there were four daily updates on the data, but now they are broadcasted in real-time to all stakeholders in the chain!"
Nicolas Medawar
Director of the CMP office in China
"Thanks to Winddle, the Supply teams have reduced the time spent on administrative tracking of flows by more than 50% and now have more reliable information to monitor them."
- Project Manager at CMP

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