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Winddle expands its offer to support fashion brands on traceability and CSR challenges

Winddle expands its offer to support fashion brands on traceability and CSR challenges

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Alejandro Molina
Winddle expands its offer to support fashion brands on traceability and CSR challenges

In addition to cost and time management, the issue of environmental impact has now been added for Supply Chain organizations. Product traceability, supplier compliance, CO2 emissions from transportation: these are all topics that Winddle, the modular and collaborative platform for supply chain management, now supports its clients with.

Since 2015, Winddle has been helping fashion brands (such as Zadig & Voltaire, Sézane, Rougegorge Lingerie, Tape à l'œil, and M. Moustache to name a few) improve the reliability and visibility of their supply chain.

"Today, CSR and traceability issues for brands apply to all stages of the supply chain. It is essential to consider this component as an important pillar of supply chain performance and to support brands in their transition on the subject. When we started Winddle, the main issue was time. Supplier lead times and anticipating delays were by far the most concerning topics for our clients. Then came the issue of costs, on which COVID had a colossal impact. And finally, the environmental impact. All of these topics are more relevant than ever, and the consolidated approach to these dimensions is the new standard that companies, especially in the fashion sector, must strive for," explains Emilia Jevakhoff, co-founder and CEO of Winddle.

As part of its mission to effectively support business users in the evolution of their needs, it made sense for Winddle to add a new Product Traceability module to its offering, to enable fashion brands to quickly comply with regulatory requirements and new consumer trends. Specifically, the module relies on product and supplier references and real-time collaboration and alert features to simply animate the collection of product traceability information and ensure its dissemination (generated via URL and QR code) to their customers.

A Product Traceability offering that is appealing for its pragmatism and complementarity with supplier collaboration issues in supply chain flows

"The simplicity and effectiveness of Winddle's approach to product traceability and recyclability information is perfectly suited to our needs: a quick AGEC compliance and evolving use cases, to meet our needs and future regulations," comments Alain Dosière, Director of Operations at IZAC.

A comprehensive and integrated approach to Supply Chain issues

Winddle's mission is to support the operational challenges of supply chain stakeholders in a simple, collaborative, and structured manner. The complexity of organizations, data management, and the actors involved requires an approach that closely links Offer, Procurement, Supply Chain, and CSR issues while providing the necessary flexibility to meet the challenges and priorities of each organization.

This new Product Traceability module can be used independently, with a very quick setup time of less than two days, but can also be fully integrated with other modules on the platform, which allows for smoother collaboration with suppliers and carriers on production tracking and transportation organization, simplifies tracking of invoices and approach costs, calculates the carbon impact of goods deliveries, and manages supplier compliance.

A modular, integrated, and collaborative approach that perfectly meets the current challenges of fashion and consumer goods professionals is evidenced by the dynamic growth of the start-up, with over 80% growth in 2022.

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