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Vente-privée launches a pilot with Winddle to optimize supply chain tracking

Vente-privée launches a pilot with Winddle to optimize supply chain tracking

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Hind Bensaïd
Vente-privée launches a pilot with Winddle to optimize supply chain tracking

Launched in 2017, vente-privée Impulse, vente-privée's accelerator program, aims to support the best startups that develop solutions and services to enhance the online buying experience in the retail sector, as well as technical innovations and services that aim to digitalize and transform the shopping experience.

As part of this program, vente-privée is starting a pilot testing phase with Winddle, a collaborative solution for supply chain management. The goal for vente-privée is to simplify the tracking of supplier deliveries to its preparation warehouses in order to contribute to reducing lead times and ensure optimal customer service.

The pilot will cover a limited scope of the activity to validate the usage scenario and the value provided to vente-privée's procurement teams, before a potential deployment on a larger scale.

Winddle will allow vente-privée's procurement teams to simplify their communication with partner brands regarding order tracking and deliveries to vente-privée's warehouses, before shipping the packages to end customers.

Integrated into vente-privée's IT systems, Winddle ensures centralized and shared information between the company's supply teams and external suppliers. The tested solution automates the tracking tasks currently performed manually, with reminders and other alerts directly managed on Winddle, increasing proactivity and agility. In this way, vente-privée plans to increase its productivity in managing its supply chain and have real-time visibility into its supply chain, which is essential to the company's performance.


Veepee is the creator of the concept of online flash sales and the global leader in this sector.

Specializing since 2001 in the online clearance of major brands, it now has 72 million members worldwide. Sales are limited in time (3 to 5 days) and are organized in close collaboration with over 7,000 major international brands in all areas: ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, home furnishings, toys, sports equipment, high-tech, gastronomy, travel... Partnership with brands enables prices to be offered with significant discounts (-50% to -70%) compared to recommended retail prices.

Veepee acquired a majority stake in Belgian company in 2015, and in 2016, acquired Spanish company Privalia, Swiss company, Danish company Designers&Friends, and Polish company ZloteWyprzedaze. Through these acquisitions, the group now operates in 14 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Brazil, and Mexico). With 6,000 employees worldwide, Veepee generated consumer sales of 3.3 billion euros including taxes in 2017.


Launched in 2016 by experts in Sourcing and Supply Chain after several years of R&D, Winddle leverages technological power to serve a strong idea: smooth and data-driven collaboration among all actors in the upstream supply chain is crucial for agile and high-performing time-to-market management.

From product development to warehouse delivery, Winddle supports Retail and Consumer Goods actors (Fashion, Cosmetics, Sports, Packaging, etc.) in the digital transformation of their supply chain.

As a collaborative platform, Winddle allows all internal and external stakeholders in the supply chain to simplify their daily exchanges, gaining visibility and responsiveness.

Winddle puts ergonomics and flexibility at the heart of operational success, with a turnkey SaaS solution that is easily configurable for each company and integrated with existing IT solutions (ERP, WMS, etc.).

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