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How has Bonsoirs optimized and streamlined its supply flows?

How has Bonsoirs optimized and streamlined its supply flows?

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Hind Bensaïd
How has Bonsoirs optimized and streamlined its supply flows?

Camille Darcy, former Operations Manager at Bonsoirs, and Manon, Project Manager at Winddle, respond to our questions regarding the transformation of the company's supply chain through the supply chain management platform.

Camille, Manon, could you introduce yourselves and the brands you represent?

Camille: Of course! Bonsoirs is a DNVB specializing in household linen, offering quality products while focusing on a unique customer experience. As Operations Manager, my main task is to oversee all operational processes, from order management to coordination with our supplier partners. My role is to guarantee the efficiency of our supply chain, ensure the quality of the products delivered, and ensure fluid communication with our various partners.

Manon: I'm Manon, Project Manager at Winddle. My main role is to support our customers, like Bonsoirs, throughout the implementation of our tool. Winddle is the collaborative platform that enables you to secure your lead times, costs, quality and environmental impact, with better traceability and visibility of your flows. Our ultimate goal is to support our customers in a complete, innovative and sustainable logistics transformation.

Bonsoirs has opted for Winddle' solution. Can you tell us more about the context before coming up to this decision?

Camille: Bonsoirs was evolving in the shadow of Excel and shared folders on Google Drive, but our rapid growth highlighted the limits of this approach. Emails were piling up, orders were increasing, and data management was becoming a real headache. With this growth came a major new challenge: the diversification of our suppliers. As a result, maintaining product quality, controlling delivery times and maintaining stock levels in Europe became major challenges.

On top of that, 2023 was the right time for us to take action. Our internal teams have also grown and developed.  With our processes becoming more and more structured, and in the midst of restructuring, it was the ideal time for us to take action.

In the end, Winddle wasn't just a software project. It was a business strategy, a considered response to growing operational challenges. The team was looking for a solution that would not just replace Excel, but reinvent the way we manage logistics. Today, dashboards give us complete visibility of our supply flows, enabling us to better control timings. Collaboration with suppliers is facilitated thanks to a common base, strengthening our bonds of trust and improving our efficiency.

Manon: Indeed, we don't simply offer a tool, but a solution that evolves with Bonsoirs' specific business needs. Our aim is to support Bonsoirs in its growth, by offering a platform that not only solves its current problems, but also anticipates its future challenges.

In terms of project management, how did you go about setting up the plateform with all the stakeholders involved?  

Camille: As Bonsoirs is a small brand, it's true that we needed some reassurance. To be honest, we started discussions with our suppliers very early on, especially the more professional ones, to make sure they were on board with the change. Their feedback was extremely positive, and they shared their own concerns, which strengthened the collaboration. Winddle proved to be a relief for them too, generating a rapid interest in the tool.

Manon: These are very recurrent questions among customers, and at Winddle, our strength lies in our flexibility and ability to adapt. Our onboarding is based exclusively on the customer's specific needs, to ensure smooth and successful integration. It's an approach that aligns perfectly with our values, and promotes a successful tool implementation.

Now that Winddle is up and running, Camille, what feedback would you give about the project?

Camille: The first thing that comes to mind is the Winddle teams. Manon, in our case, was our mainstay throughout the process. Available, a good listener and very patient, she understood our business needs and really managed the transition smoothly.

Manon: It's true that working with Bonsoirs wasn't just a matter of implementing software. It's been a real partnership, a mutual understanding of objectives and values.

Camille: The most important thing to remember is that today, our six-person team remains agile, but thanks to Winddle, we have the power of a much larger team. We look to the future with confidence. Not only have we solved our operational problems, we've also laid the foundations for sustainable, innovative growth in our sector. This conclusion underlines the long-term aspect of this partnership, demonstrating the importance of choosing partners aligned with one's business objectives for a successful transformation.


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