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Winddle Enhances Supplier Collaboration with New Email Data Integration Feature

Winddle Enhances Supplier Collaboration with New Email Data Integration Feature

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Hind Bensaïd
Winddle Enhances Supplier Collaboration with New Email Data Integration Feature

Winddle, the collaborative Supply Chain management platform, announces the launch of a new supplier collaborative workflow feature integrated via email. By adding this new mode of collaboration to its offerings, Winddle opens new avenues for Procurement & Supply Chain organizations to integrate and share data with their suppliers.

Supplier Collaboration at the Heart of an Agile and Resilient Supply Chain

To effectively support Procurement & Supply Chain organizations in their challenges of transparency, productivity, and resilience in the daily management of their supply flows, Winddle has always paid particular attention to the issues of supplier collaboration. The collaborative Supply Chain management platform, which until now offered two modes of data exchange, now adds a third mode to further support its users in deploying their projects.

In addition to a very simple connection via the platform (login-password) – allowing users to fully benefit from collaborative features, bulk actions, and real-time alerts – and direct integration of suppliers' IT systems (via API or flat files), Winddle now offers a third option: the ability for a supplier to share and update data on Winddle by sending a simple email.

This new feature ensures the unification of data and order tracking processes, whether the supplier is directly connected to the platform or not.

"Our suppliers are heavily solicited by their various clients to share tracking data on supply flows. It is essential to provide a simple and effective solution for everyone. Offering them an alternative to logging into the platform with a simple email collaboration workflow has greatly reassured us. It’s a real time and efficiency gain for us and our suppliers," highlights Christine Rossi, Procurement Manager at Eberhardt, a B2B distributor specializing in the distribution of household and professional appliances from the largest European brands.

In practical terms, this new functionality opens new perspectives for Procurement & Supply Chain organizations in their daily collaboration with suppliers, with increased flexibility and collaboration modes adapted to all their partners, regardless of their technical maturity. Specifically, a supplier can now send data via email that will be automatically processed by Winddle to perform various operations, such as confirming production dates and quantities, announcing the detailed contents of a truck departure, or uploading a required document (packing list, invoice, etc.).

Simple Supplier Collaboration Suitable for All Types of Structures

As a collaborative supplier platform, Winddle is a relevant alternative or complement to traditional supplier EDI, often reserved for a limited number of suppliers due to their technical and financial prerequisites. Winddle's platform approach, and its varied collaboration modes offered to suppliers, ensures unified tracking of all supply flows, optimal operational efficiency on a daily basis, and proactive and anticipatory management of potential issues (unexpected date/quantity changes, delays, missing documents, etc.).

This functional evolution is an important step for Winddle. It demonstrates our commitment to providing solutions suited to all our partners, regardless of their technical maturity levels. We thus facilitate collaboration and strengthen the resilience of our clients' supply chains," concludes Emilia Jevakhoff, CEO of Winddle.

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