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Rougegorge Lingerie optimizes its supply chain management with Winddle

Rougegorge Lingerie optimizes its supply chain management with Winddle

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Hind Bensaïd
Rougegorge Lingerie optimizes its supply chain management with Winddle

As a leader in the women's lingerie market in France and Belgium, Rougegorge Lingerie has been developing and distributing high-quality and refined products for over 20 years.

The company has chosen Winddle's Planning & Tracking solution to optimize the monitoring of its import flows and improve collaboration between its procurement teams and suppliers.

Driven by an ambitious corporate project, Rougegorge places the contribution of its 450 employees and their partners at the heart of its development strategy. Strong growth objectives, including the opening of around ten new stores per year and the management of over 3,000 purchase orders, require optimized procurement processes and perfect mastery of time-to-market. With Winddle, teams save valuable time in tracking their production and import schedules and gain real-time visibility on the progress of operations.

The Director of Supply Chain, Christophe Delassus, and his team have chosen to adopt Winddle for its innovative and flexible approach, which combines ergonomics and a fine understanding of supply chain issues in the fashion sector.

After several months of use, Florent Plonquet, DSI of Rougegorge, takes stock. "A flexible and technically advanced solution that we have easily integrated into our IT infrastructure. Winddle is perfectly suited to our growing and evolving needs." Winddle has allowed teams to eliminate Excel tracking and significantly reduce the number of emails exchanged.

Alexandre Godvin, founder of Winddle, believes that Rougegorge's willingness to invest in collaborative management tools will play an essential role in its success. "In a context of accelerating sales cycles and increasing market pressure, better integrating the actors involved in a product's design and delivery to the warehouse to increase the fluidity of exchanges is a crucial step in its growth strategy. We are delighted to help them optimize the tracking of their purchase orders and improve their relationships with suppliers."


Winddle is a French software publisher specialized in optimizing product development and procurement management. Its SaaS solution allows retail and fast-moving consumer goods actors to improve collaboration between all actors in the supply chain and gain agility.

Winddle allows all internal and external stakeholders in the supply chain to better collaborate, gain visibility, and structure their activities. With a resolute focus on information sharing and flow optimization, Winddle complements traditional enterprise management tools (ERP, PLM, etc.) with a friendly, flexible, and intuitive collaborative approach.

After founding and leading a textile quality control company for 8 years, Alexandre Godvin created Winddle in 2013 to develop a management solution tailored to the specific needs of the supply chain industry. The technical development of the solution is entirely carried out in-house by the Winddle team.


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