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Procurement management: Jennyfer chooses Winddle to gain visibility

Procurement management: Jennyfer chooses Winddle to gain visibility

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Hind Bensaïd
Procurement management: Jennyfer chooses Winddle to gain visibility

New collections, new visual identity, new shopping experience, and international expansion - in just a few years, Jennyfer has become THE fashion signature for young fashion (ages 16-25).

To support this strategic evolution and successfully supply its 400 stores with over 10,000 references per year, the brand has chosen Winddle to manage its production monitoring, especially its import activities and exchanges with various freight forwarders.

"As part of the internal takeover of our upstream procurement operations, it was a priority to equip ourselves with a powerful tool," said Sylvain Cheret, Supply Chain Director of Jennyfer. Until now, the teams used Excel files and numerous email exchanges in addition to the ERP to manage their supply chain. This did not allow all stakeholders to easily anticipate potential bottlenecks and effectively manage the time-to-market of the brand. "Winddle allows us to gain autonomy and responsiveness in the management of our import flows."

The import teams and customs service now monitor all their activity on the collaborative solution, which is also accessed by their logistics providers such as Clasquin or Bolloré. The order portfolio is automatically imported from the internal ERP into Winddle with all the necessary information for the teams, and associated with a customized tracking schedule built by Jennyfer. Each stakeholder thus gains visibility into their daily tasks, ongoing operations, and any delays or bottlenecks.

Translation: With Winddle, the import teams have been freed from tedious tasks, have access to automatically generated reporting, and are more productive thanks to the direct involvement of their logistics providers in operational tracking. The solution makes it possible to avoid double data entry, which is time-consuming and often a source of errors.

Winddle, designed for production and sourcing professions, enables Jennyfer to manage both its portfolio of orders and its shipments. As such, the solution provides visibility on the progress of each order's specific stages, such as quality approval, as well as those related to shipments impacting multiple orders, such as departure and arrival dates. Transport documents are now centralized and easily accessible to all, whether for a single order or a shipment.

Sylvain Cheret was impressed by the flexibility of the tool and its ease of implementation. The setup and interfacing were done in about ten days, and the users' training only took a few hours. "The very ergonomic interface of Winddle and its ease of configuration allowed us to quickly establish new habits for our teams and partners. The Winddle team is attentive to users and shows a thorough understanding of our business needs and great responsiveness."

The flexibility of the solution will allow Jennyfer to consider in the future a wider use of Winddle, as the tool also offers features for monitoring supplier relationships (referencing, scoring...) and managing procurement operations from product design.


Winddle is a French software editor specialized in optimizing product development and procurement management. Its SaaS solution enables actors in retail and fast-moving consumer goods to improve collaboration among all internal and external supply chain stakeholders and to increase agility.

The solution offers two integrated modules, the first dedicated to supplier relationship management (referencing, scoring, price requests, etc.) and the second to the monitoring of product development stages, production follow-up, and import (process structuring, reminders, document exchanges, and comments, etc.).

Resolutely focused on information sharing and flow optimization, Winddle complements the functionalities of traditional enterprise management tools (ERP, PLM, etc.) with a friendly, flexible and intuitive collaborative approach.

After founding and managing a textile quality control company for 8 years, Alexandre Godvin created Winddle in 2013 to develop a management solution tailored to the specific needs of the supply chain industry. The technical development of the solution is entirely managed in-house by the Winddle team.


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