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Camaieu moves to an agile and resilient supply chain with Winddle

Camaieu moves to an agile and resilient supply chain with Winddle

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Alejandro Molina
Camaieu moves to an agile and resilient supply chain with Winddle

The women’s fashion retailer has selected Winddle to harmonize and optimize the daily operational monitoring of its supply chain flows, with the aim of achieving an agile and resilient Supply Chain.

As part of a global restructuring of its logistics processes, the Roubaix-based brand identified the procurement scope as a key step towards achieving supply chain operational excellence. As such, it was clear that the brand needed to invest in a collaborative and agile solution to manage its supply chain flows in order to improve the performance of its operational teams and support its global strategy.

“The production quality of our collections requires us to have a unified and precise visibility on our daily operations. This is why implementing a collaborative tool connected to all our partners was a major priority for us” explains Frédéric Deconinck, Supply Chain Director, Camaïeu.

At the same time, the company has opted for more European sourcing, with the goal of reducing its large import flows by 30%.

“We were looking for a tool that simplifies and optimises the daily operational management carried out by our import/procurements managers“, says Alain Dosière, Director of Operations for the Sourcing offer.

By interconnecting with the Camaïeu teams’ supply chain IT systems (ERP, WMS, etc.) and their partners (suppliers, forwarders etc.), Winddle automates the daily monitoring processes (supplier reminders, date validations, quantity adjustments, updates in the various systems, etc.), to improve the productivity of the internal teams and their supply partners, and allow them to focus on their core business.

In addition to these operational improvements, the end-to-end and real-time visibility on suppliers and forwarders flows provided by Winddle will enhance the flexibility of all stakeholders in the management of risks and secure the management of downstream flows (warehouse reception, stores, etc.) but also the level of customer service.

“Our solution allows us to measure, drive and optimize supply chain performance and supplier collaboration,” says Emilia Jevakhoff, CEO of Winddle. A data-driven approach at the heart of Camaïeu’s project, which will ensure objective decisions and effective identification of levers for improving the overall performance of the brand’s supply chain.

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