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Bolloré Logistics partners with Winddle to strengthen its PO management service

Bolloré Logistics partners with Winddle to strengthen its PO management service

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Hind Bensaïd
Bolloré Logistics partners with Winddle to strengthen its PO management service

In the overseas transport sector, total end-to-end visibility has become essential to ensure smooth operations.Winddle, a collaborative platform for supply chain management, is proud to announce its collaboration with Bolloré Logistics, a major player in the logistics and international transport sector. The aim: to optimize transport operations through integrated management of product orders and supplier collaboration.

Inbound coordination and end-to-end product visibility

Any player in the international transport sector knows just how important it is to have complete visibility of allsupply chain operations, since the slightest disruption in information flows can have a significant impact on their smooth running, with potential delays and additional costs.

In particular, collaborative end-to-end management of transport operations at the purchase/sales order and product/SKU levels enables shippers, suppliers and carriers to work on a common basis (and thus avoid duplication of data entry, non-centralized documents, etc.), and to coordinate efficiently the handover between the production and transport phases. Indeed, for Bolloré Logistics' teams, gaining visibility over goods delivery forecasts submitted by suppliers enables them to anticipate transport flows more effectively and secure them.

“We're getting more and more requests from our customers in terms of visibility and management of purchase orders, in all sectors of activity. Winddle's flexibility enables us to integrate it easily with Bolloré Logistics' TMS systems, and to respond on a standard basis to the various customer SOPs” emphasizes Nathalie Léger, Global VP for the Beauty and Luxury Goods sectors.

The integration of PO management with the transport visibility that Bolloré Logistics has been providing its customers up to now is key for them to better understand the overall performance of their supply chain. In fact, whether for forecasts or actual monitoring of dates, costs or environmental impact, indicators are available at product, purchase order or sales order level.With Winddle, Bolloré Logistics enables its customers to better prioritize product flows in the event of tension on transport capacity availability, or to communicate quickly and effectively to stakeholders affected by a transport delay.

A very promising first deployment

Bolloré Logistics has already implemented the Winddle solution to manage orders for a French luxury cosmetics brand, replacing a PO management system based on shared files.

In just three months, more than 80 users (industrial logistics managers, transport managers, customs managers for the brand, and implant and origin managers for Bolloré Logistics) were onboarded on the platform to collaboratively monitor all operations from the announcement of product handover by suppliers to final delivery for several thousand shipments per year.

With personalized views and alerts for each user profile, suppliers automatically notified by the platform, all documents centralized, and integration with Bolloré Logistics systems, the project has brought fluidity to daily collaboration between the cosmetics brand and its teams, at destination and at origin. The customer now has a reliable, collaborative tool for coordinating supplier performance (OTD, OTIF, etc.) and transport performance (less recourse to air freight, cost optimization, etc.)

More precise management of transport costs

After thissuccessful first launch, Bolloré Logistics plansto go one step further by integrating the Winddle modulesfor automated, predictive calculation of unit approach costs and transport costs, as well as for invoice reconciliation. This opens up exciting new prospects for the ongoing optimization of transport operations.

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