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Babolat chooses Winddle to improve productivity and reliability in tracking upstream supply chain flows

Babolat chooses Winddle to improve productivity and reliability in tracking upstream supply chain flows

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Alejandro Molina
Babolat chooses Winddle to improve productivity and reliability in tracking upstream supply chain flows

Babolat, the French brand specialized in manufacturing racquet sport equipment, the world's number one in strings and number two in racquets, has chosen Winddle Orders & Shipment Tracking solution to manage its upstream supply chain.

Winddle offers a collaborative web platform that enables retail players, especially in the sports industry, to control their upstream flows in real-time and anticipate potential delays or delivery issues from suppliers. The aim is to leverage technology to automate non-value-added tracking tasks and improve reliability and productivity in exchanges with suppliers and carriers between the validation of an order and its receipt in the warehouse.

With a significant volume of supplier orders, various stakeholders, and geographically distant production zones ranging from France to Asia depending on the product type, and numerous daily exchanges and modifications, Babolat wanted a simple and effective alternative to the operational tracking via email and Excel that they have been using until now.

"One of the key points for us is the flexibility offered by Winddle, which should allow us to manage various import scenarios simply with the same tool and have a consolidated view of the progress of all our supplies in real-time. The implementation of Winddle aims to significantly relieve our procurement and transport teams who will now have a real control tower and can focus on real operational priorities, without having to re-enter multiple modifications into our ERP and maintain tracking Excel sheets," says Rassan Benhacene, Supply Chain Director at Babolat.

"We were looking for an ergonomic solution that would allow us to simplify the tracking of our supply chain internally, but also directly with our import suppliers and providers. Another key factor in our choice was the interoperability of the system with our ERP (Cegid's Orliweb) to avoid any double entry for our procurement team and ensure reliable end-to-end data" recalls Rachid El Baghbough, Project Manager at Babolat.

"We are very pleased that Babolat has chosen Winddle," says Emilia Jevakhoff, CEO of Winddle. "The constructive and effective partnership initiated with the sports brand to support the digital transformation of its supply chain is very promising, and we look forward to continuing in this direction in the years to come."

On the Supply Chain Event 2018, Babolat will share its experience with the implementation of Winddle during a conference on Wednesday, December 11th.


Founded in Lyon in 1875, Babolat is the company that created the tennis string and is now the longest-standing player in the racket sports industry.

With its easily recognizable "double line" logo, Babolat has built its reputation with products that are always at the forefront of innovation, used by generations of champions who have won the most prestigious competitions.

With over 80% of sales exported to more than 100 countries, Babolat generated a revenue of 136 million euros in 2017. The brand offers a complete range of equipment for tennis and badminton players, with ranges suited to all styles.


Launched in 2016 by sourcing and supply chain experts after years of R&D, Winddle harnesses technological power to drive a strong idea: that a smooth and data-driven collaboration between all upstream supply chain actors is crucial for agile and effective time-to-market management.

From product development to warehouse delivery, Winddle supports retail and consumer goods actors (fashion, cosmetics, sports, packaging...) in the digital transformation of their supply chain.

As a collaborative platform, Winddle allows all internal and external stakeholders in the supply chain to simplify their daily exchanges, gaining visibility and responsiveness.

Winddle puts ergonomics and flexibility at the heart of operational success, with an easily configurable turnkey SaaS solution that integrates with existing IT solutions (ERP, WMS...).

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